Ten Years of Service to SME Businesses

March 29, 2013

This year marks Enprise’s ten years in business, since it was formed as a breakaway from New Zealand based ERP vendor Exonet International. Exonet was acquired by Australia’s Solution 6, who subsequently merged with the Australasian SME ERP powerhouse – MYOB. The Exonet product we built our business on, is now known as MYOB EXO and is used by many thousands of SME businesses throughout Australasia.

As a founder of Exonet, I recognised the value in taking on Exonet’s direct sales division (known inside the business as “Enprise”) along with former Exonet managers Elliot Cooper and Leanne Graham.

So as Enprise reaches this ten year milestone, so also do our relationships with some of our loyal customers and staff members. We are taking this opportunity to recognise and celebrate their on-going partnerships & relationships with Enprise. This will be a great year, full of celebration and re-commitment to another successful ten years together.

Julie, Melissa, Corban and Carlie at Carlie's 10 year celebration
Enprise team members (from L to R) Julie, Melissa, Corban and Carlie during the celebration of Carlie’s 10 years with Enprise

This week we celebrated the ten years of service that Carlie Kennedy has given to Enprise and our customers. Earlier this year we celebrated the same ten year milestone for Senior Consultant (and my sister) Sarah Loveys.

After ten years in business, it’s great to look back on how many customers we’ve helped grow with MYOB EXO, both in New Zealand and Australia.

Sarah Loveys
Senior Enprise Consultant, Sarah Loveys marked her ten years with Enprise in January this year

Here’s to another great ten years of serving SME businesses!

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