Utilise adds electricity value with Datagate

September 21, 2015

Utilise Logo

Utilise is an innovative New Zealand Electricity company that was formed by a group of progressive energy and utility specialists, to deliver sharper electricity pricing for New Zealand businesses.

Utilise customers receive optimised pricing plans developed around their business’s electricity consumption, through the day, the week and the season.

The “Utilise edge” combines the use of smart meter technology and proprietary pricing software with billing and spend analysis delivered to customers through the Datagate customer portal. The use of innovative software solutions, such as Datagate, enables Utilise to offer high quality service whilst keeping costs in check.


Executive Director, Simon Young says “Being a new entrant to the Electricity Market, Utilise’s strategy is to leverage the latest innovation and technology to give us competitive advantage and more attractive pricing. Datagate integrates with our internal systems, processes bills to our specifications and gives our customers the on-line capability to pay their bills and analyse their electricity costs”.

“In addition to our on-line presence at www.utilise.co.nz, we are in the early stages of developing a reseller channel of businesses that will sell other services, such as telecommunications and other on-line subscriptions. These are businesses that have existing sales processes that could easily be extended to bundling electricity with their other offerings. Datagate is key to our strategy, given that Datagate is designed to enable multiple services including electricity, gas and telecommunications to be combined on a single bill”.

From Datagate’s perspective, I regard Utilise as a strategically important customer, as they are our first Utility provider and they are keen to advance a strategy of selling electricity and gas through a channel of telco resellers, which is of course completely in line with Datagate’s strategy. By helping Utilise execute their strategy, Datagate will be proving its value to the global utility and telco industries.

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