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Currently the CEO of Datagate Innovation Group, Mark Loveys is a serial software entrepreneur with a track record in building successful businesses.

  • In the 1980’s, following the completion of a Bachelor of Science degree at Auckland University, Mark became the lead singer, songwriter and founding member of the popular band “Satellite Spies” who had a local hit record in New Zealand with the title track of their album “Destiny in Motion”. In 1986 the band supported “Dire Straits” on the New Zealand leg of their world-wide “Brothers in Arms” tour.
  • In the early 1990’s Mark founded a business called “Orbit Software” which developed and marketed an MS-DOS based SME accounting package called “Orbit Accounts” for small businesses. In 1995 he sold Orbit Software to a successful New Zealand PC computer hardware manufacturer & retailer called “PC Direct”. Mark then joined their management team as Information Services Manager. PC Direct was the most prominent and successful PC Computer retailer in New Zealand during the 1990’s and was sold to Blue Star Group for $20M in 1998.
  • During his time at PC Direct, Mark and his development team developed a Windows client-server ERP solution called “DirectVision” for PC Direct’s own internal use. This was cutting edge technology at that time and DirectVision gave PC Direct a significant competitive advantage in automating the main elements of its business.
  • In 1998, after his time at PC Direct, Mark teamed up with PC Direct’s founder Maurice Bryham and PC Direct’s CEO David McKee Wright to build a new ERP product called “Exonet” which was based on experience and skills gained at PC Direct. Exonet utilized cutting edge technology of the day and was rapidly and well received by the SME business software market in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. In the year 2000 (only 2 years after being founded), the Exonet business was sold to Australian listed “Solution 6” for AU$ 30M. Today Exonet is owned by MYOB and has been renamed to MYOB EXO. It is the market-leading SME business management software package in its space in Australia and New Zealand.
  • In 2001, Mark in conjunction with business partners Maurice Bryham, David McKee Wright and Aaron Ridgway formed a new business called “Datasquirt” to develop short message solutions for corporate customers. Bryham and McKee Wright departed the business soon afterwards and in 2007 Datasquirt was floated on the Australian stock exchange (ASX). Mark is currently Chairman and non-executive director of Datasquirt.
  • In 2002 Mark and two former Exonet managers, Elliot Cooper and Leanne Graham acquired the direct-sales division of Exonet (called “Enprise”) back from Solution 6. Enprise is the largest Exonet (now called MYOB EXO) reseller in New Zealand and sells business solutions to the largest NZ based Exonet customers. In 2005 Enprise raised venture capital from “TMT Ventures” and acquired a Cloud Control Panel developer called “EMS Cortex” and also built up a global SAP Solution Partner business called Enprise Software. Mark is the CEO of Enprise Group.
  • In February 2011 EMS Cortex was sold to Citrix Systems for an undisclosed amount.
  • In December 2011 Datasquirt was sold to LiveOps for US $12.5M cash.
  • Through Enprise’s global partnership with SAP, Mark was a founding member and Chairman of the SAP Business One Global Solution Partner Advisory Council (SPAC). This is a global organisation that meets regularly to advise and consult with SAP on matters relating to the global SME market.
  • In September 2015, Mark stood down from his role as CEO of NZAX-listed Enprise Group to focus his efforts as the full-time CEO of Cloud startup business, “Datagate Innovation”.
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