NZ Herald, 14th August 2000, Exonet finds its Solution

NZ Herald, 24th February 2003, Lion’s share of Exonet back in New Zealand

Computerworld, 29th March 2004, MYOB finds its Solution

NBR, 17th September 2007 – Datasquirt IPO closes subscribed

NBR, 23rd February 2011 – Destiny in Motion: Auckland software company sells to US giant

NZ Herald, 9th March 2011 – US giant shows the Lovey with buy out

NZ Herald, 4th July 2011 – Success: Software helps business stay in touch

Computerworld, 3rd October 2011 – Enprise Solutions to support MYOB customers

Reseller News, 14th May 2012 – New cloud venture seeking resellers, 24th September 2012 – Enprise Eyes Junior Australian Listing

Reseller News, 24th September 2012 – Enprise Group goes Public

NBR, 24th September 2012 – Datasquirt sale funds Enprise push into Australia

Computerworld, 25th September 2012 – Enprise Group to List on Aussie Stock Exchange

Computerworld, 25th September 2012 – HANA Redefines Database Technology: Enprise CEO

Computerworld, 8th April 2014 – Enprise acquires Datagate

NZ Herald, 19th November 2014 – Software firm Enprise set for NZAX debut

NBR, 1st December 2014 – Enprise shares jump as much as 88% in compliance listing

NBR, 9th February 2015 – Enprise buys Global Bizpro for $750,000

NBR, 14th September 2015 – Mark Loveys to helm Cloud Software company Datagate

NBR, 6th December 2016 – Kiwi Startup Datagate raises $620K to expand in North America

Reseller News – 28th January 2017 – Datagate raises $1M as American dream becomes reality

Reseller News, 14th November 2017 – Datagate’s billing portal for MSPs wows US channel

Scoop, 21st November 2017 – Datagate Rights Issue Oversubscribed

CRN – 7th December 2017 – ConnectWise IT Nation: 33 products bringing new capabilities to MSPs

Reseller News, 21st December 2017 – New business growth spurs double Datagate hire

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